6 gorgeous Houston baby shower venue options

The Ivy Room is the perfect backdrop to a Houston Baby Shower Venue. Image from my own baby shower, at this location.

Creative Chateau for your Houston Baby Shower Venue

The motto of this Houston Baby Shower Venue is “Bringing a little of Paris to Houston”. When you arrive, you will understand why. Here is a list of all of the spaces they have for rent. My personal favorite for a Houston Baby Shower Venue event is going to be the Antoinette because it has an amazingly gorgeous dining room table and you’ll feel like you’re dining in a Parisian cafe. I also love La Terrace because it is just stunning and peaceful with the bistro sitting area.

Tiny’s No. 5 for a stylish Houston Baby Shower Venue

I had my own baby shower here at Tiny’s No. 5, so you know I definitely love it! I have it all planned out for you; Tiny No. 5 for brunch in the Ivy Room, followed by Tiny’s Milk & Cookies for dessert. Tell me this isn’t the cutest little corner bakery you have ever seen? And their desserts are worth the calories. Oh wait, you’re pregnant–calories don’t exist! Eat up, Mama.

As a photographer, this place is in my dreams. I love everything about the aesthetic. The nursery next door (I have actually photographed in the nursery before as well and it’s purely stunning!), the patio at Tiny Boxwoods, and the simplicity and elegance of the Ivy Room. This Houston Baby Shower Venue has it all.

Ouisie’s Table

3939 San Felipe, Houston, Texas 77027 713.528.2264 www.ouisiestable.com

With nearly 1400 4.5 star reviews, you know this place must be great! Ouisie’s Table is a great option for a Houston baby shower venue because they pride themselves on giving all of your details, the attention they deserve. After all, details are what make a great party, right?

They have curated menus that you can choose from, including Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Your event booking comes with a bartender and an event planner on staff to tend to your needs. Just look at this food art from their website!

Houston Botanical Gardens

The coolest thing about this Houston Baby Shower Venue is that you can be standing in one area of the garden and feel like you’re in the dessert with succulents a plenty. Then, on the other side of the garden, feel like you’re in the tropics. Go to the other side, and you’ll be immersed in the scents of the Culinary Garden! There are so many opportunities for different experiences here. That’s one of the reasons I think having a baby shower here, or a wedding, is such a great spot.

botanical gardens is a great option for a houston baby shower venue.

The Juliana

1001 W 18th St, Houston, TX 77008, Max Seated: 150 Max Standing: 225

When you arrive at The Juliana, you will feel like you have left Houston because you drive into the most wooded area with mood lighting strung from tree to tree. There is a precious photo opportunity milk truck in the drive, and you can actually rent it out and serve food from it! You are able to book half day events (8 hours) or full day events. From showers to weddings to parties, this venue is the perfect Houston baby shower venue for you!

I hope this gives you some ideas of where you can research for Houston Baby Shower Venues. As a photographer, I shot an event here in the evening and magical is an understatement. The lighting, the open atrium, the terrace, the lawn, all to die for. Don’t believe me? See the virtual tour for yourself.


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