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Bay Area Breastfeeding & Education was a great resource for this little one on his nursing journey.

How can Bay Area Breastfeeding Education be helpful for you?? SO many ways!

Make a plan during pregnancy

Bay Area Breastfeeding Education is a reputable, reliable fountain of information. Every pregnancy, every baby, and every journey is different. But as a mom of 4, here’s what I can say. If you really want to breastfeed your baby, it isn’t necessarily easy right off the bat. Have a plan in place for what you are wanting to do, such as exclusively breastfeed, combo feed, or supplement as needed. Having that outline of what your hopes are makes it way easier to stay the course when things become difficult. Share this plan (and build it) with one of the amazing Lactation Consultants at Bay Area Breastfeeding Education.

Be realistic with your expectations

A fed baby is a happy baby. Please don’t put unrealistic expectations upon yourself that can’t be met or make you too overwhelmed and stress. Fact-Stress plays a big part on how well you are able to maintain a supply of milk, so stressing out over it literally isn’t helping. Reach out to Bay Area Breastfeeding Education for help!

Mom squeezes baby boys cheeks while laying on a neutral lace blanket.

Have a support system in place

Creating a support system means deciding who they are and letting them know. Whether that’s your spouse or mom or a friend, let them know they are your person! I can’t stress this enough. So when/if you wanna crawl into a hole, they can allow you to do that for a hot minute, and know to come back and get you out of said hole. If your spouse knows that breastfeeding is important to you, then pushing formula onto you in a moment of sleep deprived desperation, isn’t very helpful. BUT, if they are kindly supporting you by reminding you that a fed baby is a happy baby, and “do you want me to offer a bottle for one feeding?” vibes, can be very thoughtful.

Do your research! Let Bay Area Breastfeeding Education help you.

Know what your coverage looks like

Most insurance providers cover lactation consultation visits, either in home or in office. The best way to figure out your coverage is to call your provider. Typically, they will tell you who their preferred vendors are and you can place an order straight through the vendor website, and TADA! Breast pump arrives at your house, free of cost! Bay Area Breastfeeding Education can for sure help you with this!

Ask for recommendations on pumps from Bay Area Breastfeeding Education

Personally, I have used everything including a traditional hand pump, Medela Double Electric Pump, Spectra Double Electric, MomCozy Handsfree Electric Pumps, and the Handsfree Freemie Independence II. There are pros and cons to all of them, but I will say this-the MomCozy wins for ease and function! The Medela is a tried and true brand and you can count on it for being durable, efficient, and comfortable. BABE has all the tips on pumps as well, and there are SO many things that are vital to know, such as how to fit a flange the right way (you are likely doing it wrong!). Most people use the flanges that come with their pump, but guess what?! Most people don’t have nipples that fit those pumps, so get yourself properly measured and get the right equipment for the job. That is my best tip for being successful with pumping-make sure you have the right size flanges!

Learn how to transition back to work, if you will be going back.

BABE offers in person 1:1 consults, private or group classes, AND corporate lactation programs!

Family of 4 smiling at the camera during a well styled family session with Ally's Photography. Well fed baby due to help from Bay Area Breastfeeding & Education.

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