Big Blue Whale Houston, nostalgic toy store, voted “Best Toy Store”

This little boy sits on his mothers lap, while she pushes her hair behind her ears as he looks into the camera for Ally's Photography

What is Big Blue Whale Houston & On The Park?

Owners Vanessa & Jim Wodehouse opened Big Blue Whale Houston in 2014 when they realized the surrounding area had a need for a specialty toy store. It quickly blossomed into a fan favorite of residents of The Heights and the Greater Houston area. In 2019, they purchased On The Park in Kingwood. This store has been a beloved store in Kingwood for over 25 years, and so when Vanessa & Jim took it over, the city was happy for the shop to stay open.

Locations & Hours for this nostalgic toy store in Houston

Big Blue Whale Houston

On The Park Kingwood

Big Blue Whale Houston is a favorite with this little boy.

Shop by Category or Age

Walking into any store with a lot of things can be very overwhelming, and while it’s great that they have everything to offer, it might be difficult to know what to purchase! That’s why I love that they have their website curated down to make indecisive people like myself, less overwhelmed to shop. You have 2 main options when you shop online; Category and Age.

Category is broken down like this; dolls & playhouses, construction, science, games & puzzles, plushes & puppets, books, arts & crafts, etc.

Age is broken down by basically 2 year age gaps, which I think is phenomenal because 2 years is really a lot of learning span.

Shop locally at Big Blue Whale Houston and create a wishlist to share

Everyone on planet Earth has an Amazon wishlist, but that isn’t helping local businesses. You can go here and create your very own Big Blue Whale Houston wishlist and share it just in time for the holidays! This is the year to bring back all those toys you had as a child and really relive your childhood with younger generations.

Big Blue Whale Houston is a local toy store that carries all of the classic toys from when our generation was small.

For me, pictures are a really big spark to my memory. I often don’t have any memory of a specific event happening, but then a picture of it will appear, and it just jogs my memory and I’m able to relive it. As a professional photographer, I truly love that I am able to create and curate these memories and moments for people. Allow me to do this for you too, and reach out so we can see if we are a good fit.

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