FUNdamentally Toys Houston, one of the coolest toy stores around

These three girls love visiting Fundamentally Toys in Houston. Girls holding baby sister, sitting against a crib with their great dane.

About FUNdamentally Toys Houston

This precious toy store in Houston focuses on specialty & classic toys with a focus on educational play. I truly love their philosophy on their website is worth gold. It says, “A good toy is said to be 10% toy and 90% child. While many toys peak a child’s interest, we focus on offering toys that hold a child’s interest. Favorite toys can often become a child’s trusted friend, teacher and playmate. Our selections blend creative development with entertainment value. We avoid items that display gender stereotypes, promote aggressive or violent play, or make a child a spectator rather than a participant.We work to carefully curate our selection with unique, quality and imaginative products.” How true is that? My goodness. My kids have a ton of toys and do they play with them all? Absolutely not. They get overwhelmed in the choices and then they just become a spectator rather than the participant, like FUNdamentally Toys Houston explained in their philosophy. I think they are onto something and this is the key to true engaging play.

Click here for a virtual tour and location/hours information.

These three girls love visiting Fundamentally Toys in Houston. Girls holding baby sister, sitting against a crib with their great dane.

Shop @ FUNdamentally Toys Houston

I love how they have their toys organized by type on their site. They have a section for gifts under $25 & $50, so you can just select your budget and shop! You’ll have plenty of options for gifts for friends, and if you can’t seem to decide what to get, the staff at FUNdamentally Toys Houston will surely help you, or you can always grab a gift card! Below you’ll see an example of what their shopping categories are!

Fundamentally Toys Houston is a game changer for imaginative play toys.


At the time of this post (July 2023), FUNdamentally Toys Houston has so many events to offer, including Lego Competitions, Good Night Trolls (Meet the Author) Night, BrainQuest Challenge, and Pokemon Trading Card Events. They change their events often, so make sure you check this out for updated information! A lot of their events even offer little gift cards, purely for participation. Winners (event specific) can receive up to $50 in gift cards to purchase fun new toys in store!


I highly encourage you to sign up for their newsletter for the most up to date information and deals. They offer extra special deals to newsletter members, such as random gifts and freebies & members only invitations to special events.

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