The 5 best spas in Houston that will WOW you!

Husband and wife kissing and holding each other tightly, dreaming of the best Houston Spas.

Read on for the 5 best Houston Spas! I did the research for you and you will not be disappointed.

Sanctuary Spa (Rice Village)

This spa was the FIRST day spa in Houston, starting their business over 38 years ago! That’s a lot of practice pampering individuals. If you are looking for rejuvenation, relaxation, and repeated pampering, don’t sleep on this. They offer a membership program, so you don’t even have to do all this research again next time you’re stressed! The point is to relax right? So why not go ahead and become a member so you are already on the calendar for self care?

  • Membership Deets $119 and you get a 50 minute service added to your account.
  • Rollover for unused services for the months you just can’t make it in.
  • You can GIFT your service credit to anyone you want!! Holy cow, that’s cool!

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Spa at the Post Oak Hotel (personal best Houston spa favorite)

Looking for swanky and ultimate luxury? Look no further than this Houston Spa. 

This place is the ONLY Texas 5 star hotel and Spa! There is a reason for that. They specialize in catering to the upper class, who expect a higher level of attention. No detail goes unnoticed here.

The pool alone, is worth visiting for. It is quite possibly the most relaxing place I have ever been. They have zero gravity chairs poolside, it is indoors so no worrying about too many people, sunscreen, spilled drinks, or noise. It is serene and meant purely for decompressing. For sure one of the best Houston Spas you have to check out.

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Trellis Spa at the Houstonian (boasts ultimate tranquility)

This Houston spa can be described as award-winning, Mediterranean-style, 17,000-square-foot luxury facility with 20 treatment rooms, including hair and nail salons. Located off of Post Oak, they are central to anything you could possibly desire. Take a weekend away and reserve a room here for the ultimate pampering experience. Forbes has name this as the ONLY four star spa in Houston! That’s something to take note of, for sure. This spa also includes jacuzzi and steam rooms, an indoor Float Pool, a Relaxation Lounge with fireplace, Tranquility Room, and even an outdoor patio and balcony.

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The Four Seasons Hotel Houston Spa (incredibly luxurious & best Houston spa)

It’s just impossible to go wrong here and leave disappointed. While you’re getting pampered, your husband can immerse himself in the Top Golf experience in one of their golf simulation suites! What?! Yeah, you heard that. He gets to play a golf video game while you get hands melting away your stress. Win, Win. Then, take advantage of their culinary extraordinaries for a fine dining dinner experience.

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Fiori (the best Houston Spa SECRET)

This Tuscan inspired facility caters to those craving relaxation and a luxurious Houston spa experience. Nothing is too much effort for them. They offer first class dining options and one of my favorite things ever-an outdoor mineral pool with fountains! I feel like you can nearly hear the water trickling and the stress melting away. The decor, the first class service, the selection of treatments, the dining and wine–you CAN’T go wrong. Trust me.


Did you notice a trend here? Most of these luxurious spas are located inside of elegant hotels. Maybe that’s the universe’s way of telling you that you need to book a spa staycation? I think that’s what I heard the universe say!

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