5 of my favorite Houston restaurants with playgrounds

Houston restaurants with playgrounds are a win for this family with a toddler boy to get his wiggles out. Family walks on the beach, holding their son's hand, on Galveston shores.

It can be so hard doing dinner out with littles. You never really know how that’s gonna go, till you’re there and you’ve of course, ordered food. If you are wanting to ensure that your kids are happy campers during dinner, finding Houston restaurants with playground areas are going to be your saving grace. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite 5 places for you to try!

Southeast Houston restaurants with a playground

When the kids need to run around and burn some energy, but we don’t want to go far, this is our Go-To Houston restaurant with a playground. Mod Pizza is a hit with our family because we all love their food, first! Second, my kids can each get their own little mini pizza and make it exactly however they want, without us having to worry about cost because of a million toppings or triple cheese. But the most convenient reason we go is because of the playground. It is on the patio, with covered tables and it’s such a nice place to hang while they are fire roasting our pies. Must Go!

The best thing about Vallenson’s is hard to say-I can’t decide if it’s their food truck Steak Night, the fenced in area that the kids can run freely in, or the brewery. I have 4 kids, so we aren’t likely to be buying steak night for all 6 of us, but we will drive through the Wendy’s right next door, get some kids meals, and walk into Val’s for a good evening. They have board games and fun stuff for them to do outside, plenty of space to run and chase each other, and picnic tables all around. They rotate the food trucks each week, but you can find their line up here.

South Houston restaurants with a playground

This place is the BOMB! Their menu is extensive, the portions are generous, the beer choices are a plenty, and the playground is…wait for it, mamas…FENCED IN! Yep, you read that right. Your little ones aren’t escaping this pizza joint. If you have a Houdini, like I do, this is a top concern with going out to eat with the kiddos. Owners Billy & Eddie, have you covered and made sure that the playground is as safe as can be, so parents can enjoy their dinner like normal folk. We went recently when it was really chilly (March if I remember correctly) and they had heaters out there for us as well. So, we were truly able to just eat, watch the kids play, and relax for a fun evening out. If you’re not a pizza fan, don’t worry-there are a ton of other options, so you’re not limited to just that.


West Houston restaurants with a playground

Little Matt’s (West University)

This is the place for arcade games and spacious covered patio area for children. The arcade room is away from the seating, so you’re not left screaming across the table to hubby who can’t hear you. If you look into what Little Matt’s is truly about, you’ll learn that their mission is to “donate proceeds to Texas Children’s Hospital while spreading encouragement and gratefulness into surrounding communities.” The space is dedicated to the owners son, Matt, who lost his battle with leukemia at age 7. Here’s a little blurb about their mission.

Little Matt's, a Houston restaurant with playground.

This place is SO cool! It is inside of Memorial City Mall, and is the largest soft play castle in the world. It consists of a 3 level medieval castle with a drawbridge and catapult, surrounded by an Enchanted Forest. Let your little one’s imagination run wild here, and then enjoy some grub together.

Houston restaurants with playgrounds are a win for this family, walking along the beach with their toddler in tow. Mom and dad kissing over baby boy while on the beach.

Trust me, I know what a headache it can be to take the kiddos out to eat. These 5 establishments have done their hardest to make it not only doable, but enjoyable for the entire family. A separate, dedicated play space is a game changer for families. Give these businesses a try and let me know what you think! Tell them Allyson Blankenburg sent you. Oh, and if you’re wondering who I am, I am a family, motherhood, and wedding photographer based in Houston. I love to travel and will go anywhere to document your memories. If you’re interested in a photography session, reach out so we can chat!

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