Top 3 vetted Houston Nanny services for your little ones

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Mom’s Best Friend Houston Nanny

I previously wrote a blog about Night Nanny Services in Houston, and Mom’s Best Friend was on that list! There is a reason they made my blog twice. They handle the background checks, research, pay, contracts, and matching. They offer a multitude of services ranging from night nannying to babysitting to house managers and personal chefs. If you are in the market for not only a nanny, but possibly another helpful assistant for your home, check them out.

Reviews from Parents and Employees

One of the indicators of a good company, is not only what the community says of them, but also what the employees say of them! When researching Houston Nanny Agencies, I found that the majority of employees speak very highly of Mom’s Best Friend. The few who didn’t have amazing feedback, was purely because of lack of steady work opportunities. (And that’s not necessarily a bad review–that’s just a lack of opportunity) Some of the nannies felt like they could not keep a predictable amount of hours in order to justify only being a nanny. As a mom, this to me, reads as they are not overworking their nannies and making them burnt out. In my opinion, more work opportunity can be a solution for the employees.

From the parent’s reviews that I have researched, it seems that Houston nannies are often paired up very affectively from the first go round. This means not spending weeks or months searching and interviewing for a nanny/babysitter. Their process is quite detailed and thorough (read here for more on their screening process). Now, in all situations, some things cannot be avoided. Personalities conflict, people get overwhelmed or figure out a job is not for them and sometimes that cannot be avoided. But it does appear that this company has been doing this a long time and they are really committed to finding the perfect solution for your family!

Houston Nannies can be hard to find, but this little girl loves being with her nanny!

Morningside Nannies (Houston)

This Houston Nanny Agency has been around since 1992 and has made many successful matches. They offer a multitude of nannying services, such as;

  • full time nanny
  • part time nanny
  • summer nanny
  • event nanny
  • back up nanny
  • temporary childcare
  • urgent childcare
  • hotel childcare

They are based in Houston and are essentially a matching service. What does this mean for you? It simply means that they handle the back end work of background checks and matching while you decide if you want to employe that applicant or not. From the time you choose to employ them, that person works for you, not Morningside Nannies. As I was researching this Houston Nanny Service, I found some information about their pay structure. To me, this is just helpful knowledge all the way around, to ensure you are hiring a top notch nanny! Think about it, the better you treat someone, the better they likely will treat you. Isn’t that what you’re looking for in a nanny after all? Someone who will treat your children the way you do? This is not an area I would suggest cutting corners on.

Have a look at their suggestions from their website:

Standard Benefits

While nanny employers are not obligated to provide any benefits, employers who wish to attract topnotch candidates typically do.

At Morningside Nannies, parents typically offer their nannies:

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Mileage reimbursement

Some families may also offer:

  • Paid sick time
  • Paid personal time
  • Full or partial contribution to their nanny’s health insurance premium.

Many families also provide their nanny with an annual year end bonus.

Nannies are paid 52 weeks per year. If your nanny is available to work but you do not require her services, she should still be paid her normal wages. This is referred to as guaranteed wages or guaranteed hours.

Little girl blows flower petals while on an adventure in the park with her Houston Nanny.

The STEM Nanny Company

Summer Nanny Kit…What in the world?!  This is such an amazing idea, and honestly, how fun? This Houston Nanny Agency has created these summer kit for nannies to do with kiddos while school is out. It helps eliminate the need for screens and keep behavior issues to a minimum, because the kids are engaging and having fun while learning. This Houston Nanny Company is really set out to be more than just a nanny service provider. They are leaning into providing 5 star nannies who do more than just make sure your kids stay safe and fed. They are providing an experience for your children that is engaging, stimulating, and promotes good behavior all around because of the level of care given. I would hands down consider trying STEM Nanny in Houston for my kids, when looking for a full time childcare option.

Rate Calculator

They have a rate calculator on their website as well, which I thought was so cool! It gives you an idea of how much a nanny will cost for your children based on the time you need them and how many kids you have.

My name is Ally and I am a Houston based photographer, and mom of 4. I have spent the last decade in the market of motherhood, so if you’re wanting to document your family but nervous about the kids behaving or cooperating, leave that to me. I am a candid photographer who specializes in weddings, maternity, newborn, and families. I’d love to chat with you about what you are envisioning for your family session.

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