Top 3 Houston Texas Baby Store locations, from a mama of 4

Houston Texas Baby Stores are a saving grace for this one's mama. Baby girl sitting in a white basket with greenery, wearing a rust colored romper.

Blue Leaf, Houston Texas Baby Store

This baby store in Houston, Texas carries some really nice brands of baby clothes, including JellyCat, MacKenzie Childs, Ralph Lauren, Rifle Paper Co. & more! They have beautiful boutique items for mom, baby, gifts, and home decor. So not only will you find some amazing finds for the little ones, but for yourself as well! Blue Leaf, a beautiful Houston Texas Baby Store, is located in Rice Village. According to Blue Leaf, this is how they describe who they are;

“We’re on a mission to bring our products to life by sharing the stories that make them special, and find those products a home in someone’s life.

Blue Leaf is a space where people find a curated collection of products that can be used in different aspects of someone’s life, not just in their homes but also in any other space or occasion, enriching the quality of their experience with high-quality products that amuse and embellish providing character and stories to tell.”

As for their home section MacKenzie Childs has really brought beauty to this Houston Texas Baby Store, even for mom and dad! Here are some of my favorite items they have in their home line;

I personally would be thrilled receiving any gift from this Houston Texas baby store. If you’re in the market for something special for someone special, give them a look!

Sanna in the Heights

This Houston Texas Baby Store is where it’s at, if you’re looking for those name brand items for your little ones! They carry Rylee & Cru (a personal fave@), Bogg, Cuddle & Kind, Hayden Girls, Jamie Kay, Me & Henry, Maileg, Quincy May, and so many others. These items from their baby girl section, is to die for and basically I want one in all the sizes!

Houston Texas Baby Store, Sanna, has incredible items for baby, mom, and kids.

Bella Luna Boutique

My mom has bought each of my kids a keepsake from this store…Now, with that being said, yes, it is a gift shop inside of the hospital…BUT it is the cutest gift shop! Inside this Texas Children’s gift shop are some great finds. This Houston Texas Baby Store has their hand on the pulse for boutique items for the new arrival and mommy. From self care items, to just pure luxury items, they have you covered!

One of the services they offer that I think most places do not offer-is bra sizing for new moms. With having a baby, comes change in our bodies and the need for new bras. That can be overwhelming to a postpartum mama, if she’s not getting the support she needs. Luckily, they are here to help!

I hope this blog post on my favorite Houston Texas Baby Stores was valuable to you. For more motherhood information, head on over to some of the other blogs I’ve written.  I am a specialized family and motherhood photographer based in Houston, Texas.

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