Cy Fair Birth Center provides fantastic care from an amazing midwife, Patty Ghaly

Mother labors in tub wearing a lace gown and holding her belly.

Patty Ghaly runs Cy Fair Birth Center, (Formerly known as Magnolia Birth Center) strongly believes in women having the opportunity to birth exactly the way they wish, whether that’s in the hospital setting, birth center, or an at home setting.The first thing you see on their site is a quote that says “Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear” and if you have given birth, or are going to be giving birth, man, nothing is more accurate! Birth can be very anxiety and fear inducing, but only if you let it. After giving birth 4 times myself, I truly have experienced so many feelings regarding birth. Their facility is great about making you feel at ease in the most comfortable birthing space.

About Cy Fair Birth Center

Cy Fair Birth Center was established in 2012 in Houston Texas. Patty runs this facility and has multiple certifications that make her a very educated midwife. She has a degree in Midwifery from Midwives College of Utah and has been to many births in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, and other places around the world. Her certifications include Certified Professional Midwife, Texas Licensed Midwife, CPR Certified, NRP Certified. She is passionate about making mom feel as comfortable as possible, whether that’s in a birthing center, hospital, or at home.


Cy Fair Birth Center offers multiple services, including Whole Pregnancy Care, Waterbirth, At Home Birth, Birth Center delivery, and Post Partum Care. The pricing for a Birth Center or Home Delivery is currently $5500. And unlike a lot of Obstetricians, Patty offers VBAC as well. The pricing on a VBAC is currently $6000.

As a mom of 4, I know that birth can be intimidating and scary at first. But, the more prepared you are, the less you feel those things. Knowledge is POWER! Reach out to Cy Fair Birth Center to see if they are a good fit for your birth wishes.

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