3 top indoor playgrounds in Houston for the littles

indoor playground houston in Mainland City Center

TEX Entertainment Xperience in the Mainland City Center

(At the time of writing this blog, June 2023, TEX is closed for renovations)

This place is on my top list of indoor playgrounds in Houston, because it is for kids AND adults! By that, I mean they have race karts and ALCOHOL y’all. Yep, you can either join in on the fun doing the ropes course, video games, Virtual reality, or trampoline park…or, you can relax and just eat, drink, and relax in one of their comfy sitting spaces.

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the Busby Quintuplets birthday party in 2020 and this was when the facility had just opened. My kids have requested to go to TEX multiple times since! In fact, my oldest had her birthday party there and she and her friends had a blast the entire time! It was so easy for me and my husband because the kids were able to just run around and do whatever they wanted that their bracelet allowed, while we sat there and practically had a date night. Win! Win!

Here’s a video to give you an idea of exactly what they offer.

Giggles and Fun in West Houston

An indoor playground in Houston & Katy, that includes active play and imaginative play. Admission is $12.93 for kids ages 6 months-12 years and they can play the entire day for that price. All that is required, are socks! They even have a monthly membership which I think would be super cool for the summer! It could be a weekly event and surefire way to bust that summertime boredom.

Indoor Playground Houston Giggles & Fun Monthly Membership

Katy: Weekdays: Tuesday- Friday $40

$40 Monthly Membership for 1st child.  $30 for each additional child.

Houston: Weekdays: Tuesday- Friday $40

$40 Monthly Membership for 1st child.  $30 for each additional child.

Both Locations: Weekdays: Tuesday- Friday $60

$60 Monthly Membership for 1st child.  $50 for each additional child.

We Rock the Spectrum in Memorial-A sensory friendly indoor playground in Houston

This is what We Rock the Spectrum says about their facility; “We Rock the Spectrum is a special play space that features a safe, fun, sensory-friendly environment for children of all abilities and levels. Each play area has a double feature: not only are they fun, but they also focus on different sensory skills. Trampolines build leg and core strength, suspended equipment and swings challenge balance and vestibular treatment, sensory-based toys promote improved auditory processing and fine motor skills, and more.”

Are you a parent with a child that has special needs? If so mama, I see you. We Rock the Spectrum offers a really unique care option;

  • Respite Break care-Designed to provide a break for families with children with special needs.
  • 1:1 Attendant care-For children who require constant care and who have behavioral or safety concerns, we’ve created a more intensive level of support.

I cannot say how cool this is! Parents of kids with special needs are often overwhelmed and utterly exhausted but don’t feel like they can leave their child in the care of anyone. This is an amazing solution for those parents to get the safe space and care of their child while also receiving a small break for themselves.

As you can see, there are some amazing indoor playgrounds in Houston.

As a mom of 4 kids, I have been to my fair share of indoor playgrounds in Houston. I truly hope these 3 suggestions are going to be helpful for you! I’d love for you to visit my site, as a Houston family and motherhood photographer.

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