5 best free things to do in Houston with kids that also happen to be wildly underrated!

Mom and son dance in the middle of the street under old oak trees in Houston, during golden hour.

1st FREE & FUN thing to do in Houston with kids

Home Depot DIY Workshops

Did you know Home Depot offers FREE building and creating workshops? This could be a great experience for dad to really spend some quality time with the littles doing something that also may interest him. Materials are included and you’ll walk away with a new skill and something to show for it? There are all kinds of workshops for kids OR adults! This is such a great opportunity to take the knowledge of skilled professionals who are willing to teach handy skills to anyone who wants to learn. When you’re perusing through their site, there are varying levels of difficulty for the workshops, so there literally is something for everyone! There are also virtual field trips on their site, so make sure to check those out…I’m talking to you home school mamas. Such a cool thing to do in Houston with kids, that doesn’t cost anything at all.

  • When? First Saturday of each month from 9-12. You can drop in and go as needed!
  • Where? Just enter your zip code and you can sign up for the location closest to you.
  • Spots fill up fast, so reserve your spot if you can make it!
  • Bonus Tip-If you can’t make the in-person workshop or feel more comfortable DIYing at home, you can pick up the kit and build it at home!

2nd FREE & FUN thing to do in Houston with kids

Miller Outdoor Theatre

This is really an awesome way to end the busy week. Sitting on the hill is so nice because kids can run around and are not bound to a seat. You can eat and drink without worrying about spilling or having to tote around snacks back and forth from a concession stand. They really offer a wide variety of performances and I have never been disappointed!   If you’re looking to spend the evening relaxing and listening to some music or watching a show without having to purchase concert tickets, this will be your JAM! (pun intended hahaha)

HOURS: Most evening shows start around 8 pm, but there are some 6 & 7 pm shows as well. There are also midday shows during the week that start at 11am.

EVENTS: Click HERE for the performance calendar so you can see what peaks your interest!

Bonus Tips:

  • Bring blankets, chairs, and popcorn for a full on theatre effect or even a picnic.
  • You have 2 seating options; the covered area requires picking up tickets in advance (Still free though) or the hillside option (my favorite!) is first come, first serve.


little boy get kiss on cheek from his mama in this black and white image, taken by Allyson Blankenburg

3rd FREE & FUN thing to do in Houston with kids

Waugh Bridge Bat Colony

Wanna see bat colonies in the wild? This is really SO cool! There is a colony of about 220,000 Mexican Free-tailed bats residing in crevice spaces under the Waugh Bridge.  Give your kids a chance to see and learn about bats through first hand experience. What a cool thing to do in Houston with kids?!

When? The bats come out about 15-30 minutes before sunset. On Friday nights in March through October, the Bat Team gives “Bat Chats”.

What months? all year long, every evening.

Where? the southeast corner of Waugh Drive & Allen Parkway. There is a bat viewing platform.

Fun Facts:

  • A baby bat is called a pup.
  • Female bats give birth to ONE pup per year
  • Birthing happens between the end of May and continues through June. The oldest pups begin flying practice the first week in July, and all of the pups end up flying by the end of August.
  • Before Hurricane Harvey, there were about 300,000 bats living in this colony.

4th FREE & FUN things to do in Houston with kids

Pearland Rock Hunt

Pearland has started this fun little rock hunt that you and your family can do at your leisure and on your own time frame. Join their facebook group to see what it’s all about!

A couple unique things to know about this Rock Hunt activity:

  • The GOLDEN RULE is if you keep a rock, replace it. Easy enough, right?
  • Not only is it about finding rocks, but also making rocks. So this is another free thing for kids to do in Houston that can occupy their attention for a bit.
  • One of the really fun aspects is rock hiders post hints of where they hid them, so it’s like a treasure hunt to be able to follow-want to take it a step further? Make a map of your treasure hunt!



5th FREE & FUN thing to do in Houston with kids

Houston Arboretum and playground

Tyke Hikes , storytime, trails, field trips, classes, camps and more fun things to do in Houston with kids than I can name here! But I’m going to try anyways 🙂  If you check out their calendar, you will see they offer events like Tyke Hikes, yoga on the lawn, Tea Parties, Evening Insect Songwriters, Plant education, cooking with plants, Bird Surveying, etc.

Becoming a member is a great way to save money on other things they offer that do cost a little bit of money. There are different levels of memberships though, to fit lots of different needs. This is a really great resource as well for home school families and kids during the summer, so don’t sleep on all they have to offer!

Bonus Tip: This is a really gorgeous location and would be a great spot for family photos. For candid family photo inspiration, check this out!

Run, don’t walk–get out of the house and have a blast with those kiddos without ever opening your wallet.


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Run, don’t walk–get out of the house and have a blast with those kiddos without ever opening your wallet.


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