Confused on how to choose a photographer? I’m spilling the tea!

Choose a family photographer with the tips this family followed.

There are some important things to consider when figuring out how to choose a photographer. From personality to style to specific questions you NEED to be asking–Here are some valuable tips to steer you in the right direction to hiring the right photographer.

Personality is a huge aspect in how to choose the right photographer!

Personality is a HUGE part of choosing the right photographer! The type of session you are wanting, is an indicator of the Houston family photographer that will fit your needs in the best ways. For a extended family shoot, it is best to look for a photographer who has experience with the vast age span and temperaments of littles to great great grandparents. If you’re looking for a cake smash for your little one, finding someone who already knows they need to be prepared for mess, be ready for the split second that they decide to put their feet into their cake, or be able to quickly capture a shot where they land their face in it, is a skill you need to consider asking about!

How to choose a family photographer is not a problem this toddler feeding the ducks is having.

Style is one of the KEY points to pay attention to when choosing the right photographer.

Does your photographer help plan wardrobe, offer wardrobe, or just leave you to your own devices? This is going to be something you really want to consider because it changes the level of effort and design needed for planning. Here are a few things to consider about each option offered by many Houston photographers:

  • Wardrobe provided; no extra cost required, only outfits in certain sizes (however most of the sizes are very versatile), your images will look very cohesive to the photographers style, but maybe not necessarily YOUR style.
  • Wardrobe selection assistance; this is an option for those who are interested in purchasing the outfits because they want to keep those outfits anyways. Also for those who enjoy having their own say in their style and choices, this may be a great option. Most photographers who don’t necessarily offer complete wardrobe, like myself, tend to offer a lot of guidance on styling. I offer mood boards with 2 overall looks. That way, one option can be chosen and then the exact outfits (and links) are provided, so it’s just Add to Cart and Done!
  • No guidance; you are left to your own devices to figure the style of the session out. This means putting the entire thing together and risking that it may not look cohesive with everyones’ outfits together, OR they end up being too “matchy matchy”. (Also a no-no)

    Mom kisses on son during a candid family photo session with Allyson Blankenburg, while standing under the families pecan trees on their farm during golden hour.

    Candid moments are some of my very favorite moments. It’s moments that are cemented into your brain, and as a result, you remember how you felt.

When choosing the right photographer, you will both share a similar vision for your session.

Is your photographer envisioning the same thing you’re envisioning? Are you wanting a candid session where everyone is showing emotion and movement, but not necessarily looking at the camera, or more of a posed session with everyone being still and smiling right at the camera? There are NO wrong answers here–it is purely preference–BUT so important to choose a photographer who’s style matches your vision.

Questions to ask your Houston family photographer

  • What kind of experience do you have photographing x,y,z?
  • Are you a candid or posed photographer, or a combination of both?
  • Do they have a contract? (HINT–if they say no, do not hire them. Every photographer needs a contract to protect both parties)
  • What is your rescheduling/illness policy?
  • Do you have any non-refundable fees?
  • When will I have my gallery?
  • What exactly do I get with my investment?

If you want more specific examples of choosing a photographer, visit my site. I would love to chat! I genuinely enjoy my job and all of the beauty and relationships I am able to nurture through it. Documenting your families memories is an honor for me, and one that I hope you cherish for years!

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