My 7 favorite kid friendly restaurants in Houston that adults love too

Kid friendly restaurants in Houston are a win for this little boy.

  Rainforest Cafe for a kid friendly restaurant in Houston (Galveston & Katy Mills)

One of the really cool things that I think most people don’t know about for this kid friendly restaurant in Houston, is that kids eat for 99 cents every Thursday in September! I highly suggest making a reservation for your family ahead of time, as this place can be hopping in the summer. Once you are seated, the atmosphere is one that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. There are rainforest “storms” during dinner, where the lights blink and flash and thunder noises are happening. And then there are huge fake animals all around the restaurant that make sounds and it feels like you are in the rainforest for real.

Barnaby’s Cafe (Multiple locations all over Houston)

Barnaby’s is a kid friendly restaurant in Houston that is not only great for the littles, and adults, but pet friendly as well! I’m gonna be honest here–the kid aspect is amazing, but let’s talk about the pups! haha They have a puppy menu here, offering chicken, brown rice, eggs, and beef. Then, top it off with a doggy ice cream cone. Yep, you heard that right. How cute?

Their full menu can be seen here, and there is no shortage of options to order. To learn about their story, Barnaby’s Cafe put together the cutest little slideshow detailing their story about the dog behind the inspiration, Barnaby. Check it out!

Barnaby's Cafe is a favorite kid friendly restaurant in Houston

Aquarium is a great kid friendly restaurant in Houston (Downtown and Kemah)

The Aquarium is one of the best kid friendly restaurants in Houston, in my opinion. You can literally spend the day here, which we have actually done. My kids have also gone on field trips here as well, and it’s always a blast for everyone. They have the Aquarium tour you can go on, the train going through the exhibits, the stingray touch tank, amusement rides, and the tiger exhibit now. This is my favorite part!

Weekend Pass-if you’re doing a staycation or just looking for some weekend fun, consider their weekend passes. It gets you access into Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Kemah attractions, and the Houston Aquarium. Definitely a wallet friendly option if you’re looking to hammer out all of these attractions in the weekend! If you are doing a staycation in Houston, read this! I compiled some great ideas to plan out that for you.

kid friendly restaurants in Houston for the win for wild and crazy toddlers.

Habachi Style Restaurants (Multiple locations all over Houston)

We took a trip to Galveston with my daughter’s girl scout troop recently, and one of their favorite things we did was eat at the Habachi restaurant. It is entertainment and food, bundled into one kid friendly restaurant in Houston.

. Once you’ve been, you wont’ know why you haven’t experienced it before. The chefs knife skills are solid!

Benihana-The portion sizes here are really amazing. While you get to see the onion train, heart beating rice, catch some rice in your mouth from the flying spatula, and see the traditional “egg roll”, you will leave with a full belly and likely leftovers for the next day. That’s what I call winning.

Sakura-our favorite is located in the Pearland Town Center. Must stop and shop when you’re done eating!

Osaka-click here for more info!

Atami Sushi (Katy)-Japanese food and fresh sushi 

Grace’s Pizza & Shakes (Pearland, Alvin & 30A Florida)

Let’s start with the obvious-their pizza! It is the perfect crust, coal fired, with plenty of toppings for your buck. Their ingredients are always fresh and local, which makes a huge difference in the taste of their pizzas. This kid friendly restaurant in Houston also caters to the gluten free clientele, so don’t panic if you think you won’t be able to eat there because of gluten. Then, they have these ginormous shakes that are sharing size for at least 3-4 people! The shakes come with a sparkler in them, and the kids just love it, and so do the adults. While you’re waiting on your food, they have a covered patio area that has lots of games and things for the kids to do.

Grace Pizza is a fun place for a kid friendly restaurant in Houston

Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ (Midtown)

I LOVE this place! Not only is the food amazing, and it’s nice and cozy as well, but you get to cook your own food. Yep! I love going to a restaurant to cook my own dinner…Hear me out though, there’s no prep, or cleaning up, or anything like that. You decide what you want, and they bring everything for you to grill over an open flame. So much fun for littles as well! (I mean, as long as they aren’t fire grabbing kids)

Little Matt’s (West University)

I previously highlighted them on my blog about restaurants with playgrounds for kids, so you can read about them here! Basically though, this place is a hit with kids because of the arcade games and spacious patio. Once you read about their story, you’ll for sure want to support this business.

Especially during summer, it’s important to keep your sanity when it comes to dinner time. Take advantage of these kid friendly restaurants in Houston, so the little ones enjoy it as much as you do. We all know, if your children are having public meltdowns, nobody is enjoying themselves. As a mom of 4 and family photographer in Houston, I have been through my fair share of meltdowns and I have perfected the art of distraction. Send me a message and let’s chat about documenting your little ones while they are still little!

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