Staycation in Houston ideas that make you feel like you’re out of town

Grab yourself a cocktail, like this pineapple one pictured, for your Houston staycation.

IPIC Movie Theatre in River Oaks

THIS theatre, located in River Oaks, is the coolest theatre I’ve been to. Not only do they have really yummy food and cocktails at the restaurant called The Tuck Room, but your movie watching experience is just that…an experience! You get to sit in these fancy pods with luxurious blankets wrapped around you. Each pod is equipped with reclining theatre seats, velvety soft blankets, your own server, and a private watching area with 2 seats. That means, no getting kicked by the person behind you, nobody sitting next to you (except the person you came with), and zero ways you can be bothered by other patrons.

The other really great thing about IPIC, is the location. It is in the heart of River Oaks, so if you’re feeling like some shopping on your staycation in Houston, you’re in the right spot. (Pro tip-go during the holidays, because there are so many gorgeous Christmas lights all over the courtyard). Shopping includes all of your high end designers, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Tiffany & Co., Dolce & Gabanna, Dior, Hermes and so much more.

Rent an exotic car during your Houston Staycation

Your Houston Staycation doesn’t have to include your boring old ride. Nope. Renting an exotic car during your Houston Staycation is one way to level up your time off! They have a lineup of vehicles including exotics, luxury, muscle, economy, and electric cars. How cool would it be to rent a couple during the week, so you really feel like you’re the best version of your vacationing self? So fun!

Houston Staycation options are endless with this exotic car rental service.

Skydive on your Staycation in Houston

Ever wanted to see the city from a birds eye view? During your Houston staycation, you can do just that! Skydiving is an ultimate thrilling activity that gives you that rush you crave, without having to book a flight and get outta dodge. There are a couple of skydiving options in Houston that may peak your interest. For those who want thrill, but are still worried about the safety of skydiving and parachutes opening, indoor skydiving my be your jam. Click here to learn about skydiving indoors in Houston.

For those of you who are definitely more into the adrenaline rush and want the real deal, you have a lot of options. First, decide where you want to land. Are you looking for a beach landing or prefer to see the view of the city? Here is a company who really has dedicated their entire business to perfecting the skydiving experience. Check them out for more information during your Houston Staycation.

Private Home Chef

One of the most daunting things we deal with all week is cooking and cleaning. Don’t let that sway you away from having a staycation in Houston though, because there’s a way around that! You can have all the comforts of home, at home, without having any of the cooking and cleaning responsibilities. Hiring a private chef for an intimate dinner for two, or a group of best friends, is a really fun and unique way to spice up your Houston staycation.

One amazing resource for hiring this out, is this website. They have made it easy to find the perfect chef for your specific type of event and desired cuisine. With over 40,000 chefs to choose from, you’re able to select the right one based off their experience and specialities. Take a Chef allows you to talk to your chef beforehand, communicate exactly what you are wanting, and the chef shows up to your home and makes dinner magic come to life.

Houston staycation ideas can include ice cream treats from fancy, local establishments.

Rent an Airbnb

Don’t really want to stay at your house for your staycation in Houston? I totally understand. Some Houstonians have difficulty not tackling their to-do list around the house with their time off, so they really want to stay elsewhere. No worries, here is an excellent option! You can rent this airbnb with a private heated pool and relaxing backyard or this house with tons of entertainment. These places are centrally located in Houston, with ample offerings of entertainment, food, and relaxation. Many of those things are within walking distance or an Uber ride.

Airbnb listing for a Houston Staycation Airbnb listing for a Houston Staycation, blog by Allyson BlankenburgIn conclusion, a Houston Staycation does NOT have to be boring. There are an incredible amount of things you can do in this city that is always busy. Whether you want to relax and not leave your stunning Airbnb, or if you want to skydive to see the skyline, the sky is literally the limit! If you are interested in documenting your vacation, your family, or any event like a wedding, please reach out! I’d love to chat, and be your Houston area photographer.

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