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Closeup of newborn baby toes and fingers while sleeping in basket.

North Houston Birth Center

This Houston Birth Center is located off of Shepherd Drive in Houston. They offer all sorts of care women would need throughout their lives such as birth control, nutrition health, ultrasounds, etc. Unlike a lot of other birth centers, they do accept insurance, so if you carry one of their in network providers, that can help with the cost share.

Check out their blog, and you’re going to find something really cool-they have WTF videos! No, it’s not the acronym you’re thinking it is…WTF stands for Welcome To Fatherhood! These videos are amazing, as a result, making learning about fatherhood fun through YouTube videos and zoom classes.

Heart of Houston Birth Center

Heart of Houston is a really great option for your birth. They have a virtual tour on their website that gives you an idea of the birthing atmosphere they provide. It was designed to have all of the comforts of home and all of the practicalities of the birthing process. This Houston Birth Center offers a unique Membership Plan that includes Peer Support, Digital Content, Classes, Discounts & Community Events.

Undeniably, many pregnant moms are curious of what happens should the birth need to be transferred to a hospital. In either case, should a situation arise that makes transfer to a hospital necessary, our midwives accompany and continue your care there. In addition to the required TX state licensing, our center is pursuing national CABC accreditation (Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers).  We are located about 4 miles West of the Texas Medical Center.”

Bay Area Community Birth Center

I would suggest ANY mom who is set to give birth, to watch the video on this Houston Birth Centers website given by Ina May Gaskin. She educates on the effects of fear during birth and how important it is to let your body do what it is intended to do on its own. This facility leans into a supportive atmosphere for birthing and letting mom lead the path of delivery, while the midwives are guardians and mom’s support system.

Closeup of newborn baby toes and fingers while sleeping in basket.

The Journey Birth & Midwifery Care

This Houston Birth Center is located in Humble and serves the Greater Houston Area. They started as a home birth company in 2017 and expanded into a birth center in 2020. This center believes “God designed childbirth to be a precious journey that forever changes you–and that the experience should be supported to protect not only the safety but also the intimacy and sacredness of the journey.  Our vision is to create a safe and comfortable woman-centered, family-centered environment of women serving women.”  They have a 97% home and birth center rate, 91% successful VBAC rate, and a 3% C-Section rate!

Between their laboring tubs, comfy beds, spacious rooms, inspirational wall art and updated decor, they have nailed creating a cozy birthing space. As of now, their all inclusive birth center packages start at $6200 and include everything you need!

Dad holds newborn on his arm days after being delivered with a Houston Birth Center.

All in all, there are a number of amazing Houston Birth Center locations for you to choose from. I think this is a great list to get you started on birthing options. Meanwhile, if you are expecting and looking for a maternity and newborn photographer, please reach out! I am a family and motherhood photographer in Houston and would love to chat with you!

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