It’s almost summer time! Houston swim lessons to scope out

Child swimming under water, a skill taught by Houston Swim Lessons facility, Coastal Swim Academy.

Coastal Swim Academy (Pearland)

This is my favorite Houston Swim Lesson business to learn ISR & Swim Strokes! I personally have had all 4 of my kids  learn their survival swim skills through this facility. Emily Toungate, the owner, is a dear friend of mine and she has taken tragedy and turned it into something that helps others. For the last 10 years, she has been teaching ISR Self-Rescue lessons. I HIGHLY recommend starting your child in these lessons at 6 months old and continuing until they are able to self rescue. At that point, it’s a great option to begin swim skill lessons where they can hone in on their skills such as breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, etc. Coastal is an indoor pool located in Pearland, Texas and has a state of the art filtration system.

Kids swimming in pool, learned their skills with Houston Swim lessons facility.

Gigglin’ Marlin Dive & Swim (Midtown Houston Swim lesson)

This Houston Swim Lesson location is geared toward the person who is looking to learn more about scuba diving. While they do offer traditional swim lessons, you’ll find their speciality is teaching scuba related skills. Their indoor facility is top notch and they offer so many services, including but not limited to, swim lessons, lap swimming, snorkeling lessons, date night/parents night out & birthday parties.

They also have scuba lessons for kids and teens…but wait…they are going to be offering Mermaid Classes at this Houston Swim Lesson facility! Y’all! How cool is that? I know a number of little girls who would do just about anything to be able to take a mermaid class. I expect this to be a huge hit, so check back in to their website soon for more information! Can you imagine if you could say I learned to be a mermaid from my Houston Swim Lesson teacher?

If your son is a Boy Scout, don’t worry, they haven’t been left out. This Houston swim lesson facility offers opportunities for Boy Scouts to earn their merit badges through various activities. Check out this document to see all the activities they offer for Boy Scouts. Super cool!

Saint Street Swim (River Oaks) Houston Swim Lesson

Let me start by saying I LOVE their water safety tips!! You have to read through them, especially #5! This Houston swim lesson business does offer swim lessons for the littles, but what I want to focus on for Saint Street is their swim team lessons for ages 6 and up. They have been open for business since 1994 and the owner, Chad Neal, is a former swimmer and really loves working with children and teaching them swimming skills. They have 3 levels of swim teams and each one builds upon the other. I really like when they take advantage of accidental opportunities, such as tripping and falling into the pool, to hone in on a skill. What a great time to really make a child understand what they can do better in an accident and what they did that can save their life or make them safer next time. Here is a great resource from this Houston Swim lessons business about swim team topics.

Little girl playing in the pool because she is a skilled swimmer.

If you haven’t read my full blog dedicated to Coastal Swim Academy, be sure to check it out! My great friend, Emily Toungate, is the owner and her story of why she got into teaching ISR because of her daughter Mallory’s death, is truly touching and one you can’t miss learning about. The number 1 reason of accidental deaths in children is drowning. Don’t let your child be a statistic.

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