5 Houston Midwives you need to consider!

Many babies are delivered by Houston Midwives. Mom snuggles baby after giving birth.

Yellow Rose Midwifery Group & Birth Center (Richmond Ave.)

This Houston Midwives facility is located off of Richmond and is really amazing! They offer water birth, birth centers, and personalized birth plans. Childbirth classes are offered as well and they provide a wealth of knowledge! This Houston Midwives center focuses on prenatal care, labor & delivery, and postpartum support.

Texas Children’s Pavillion for Women (Houston Midwives services)

Did you know that Texas Children’s offers Houston Midwives as a service as opposed to going to a typical Obstetrician? This is really cool–because let’s say you want to deliver in a calm environment as natural as your body allows, but you are hesitant to deliver away from a hospital, in case the worst case scenario comes up. This is a great solution because you will be delivered by a midwife, AT the hospital, giving you ultimate comfort and reassurance. Texas Children’s Pavillion for Women offers bathtubs for you to labor in, and have spacious rooms allowing for movement all over the room versus being confined to the bed. Make sure you head on over t0 their blog to learn more if you’re looking for Houston Midwives.

Midwife in the Heights, Jackie Griggs, CNM

Jackie Griggs is an evidence based birth instructor since 2017, so it’s safe to say she’s experienced quite a number of births. This Houston Midwives facility has 3 CNM’s that all are trained in delivering babies, safely. These Houston midwives are equipped to know when an emergency situation needs to be handled at a hospital. When you birth here, you are treated like a queen. Candles, large bathtub, birth ball, rocking chair, massage oils, and more to ensure that you are feeling your calmest self during your labor and delivery.

In Bloom Midwifery & Home Birth Services

This facility actually offers home birth services (office is based in Pearland) in addition to a birthing clinic that is located in Galveston. There are 3 midwives at this facility and all are well suited to confidently deliver your baby and provide the utmost care from the beginning of your pregnancy, to deliver, and postpartum support. Reach out to them if you’re looking for an amazing birthing experience that is located outside of a hospital.

The Birthing Place for Houston Midwives

This place radiates birth and beauty! The owner of the facility, Afua Hassan, has an emotional story about how her business came to be. In a video on her site, she explains that her daughter passed at 22 years young of stage 4 cancer. It was her dying daughters wish for her mother to have her own clinic, and that is where The Birthing Place was born. Her clients speak highly of her and they say they all feel heard. Birth plans are honored and respected, and that is worth it’s weight in gold to a pregnant mama.

Houston midwives deliver thousands of babies every year, at the parents homes. Family of 3 sitting on edge of bed holding their newborn, all wearing white.

Additionally, if you are either pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, I hope this blog brought you some great value and information to help you with your search on finding Houston Midwives services.

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