A Night Nanny in Houston for your newborn sleep deprivation

Night Nanny Houston Services help with establishing healthy sleeping habits for mom and new baby.

A Night Nanny Service in Houston can be really difficult to find. But I have done a lot of research and found the most vetted companies in the Greater Houston Area, just for you!

Let Mommy Sleep Night Nanny Houston Services

This company is the only agency in the country awarded a contract to teach newborn care! If that doesn’t show you that they know a thing or two about newborns, I don’t know what will. They are also voted Houston’s most trusted Night Nurses and Caregivers. This company was founded in 2010 from a mom of newborn twins and a toddler (this surely was exhausting!) who saw the need for qualified in home care with a newborn.

Let Mommy Sleep offers Corporate Care as well. What does that mean? Simply put, it allows employers to support the employee in their return to work by providing cost share of a night nurse. This nurse then helps them transition during the night, so that parents can get the rest they need, in order to be able to function at their return to work. They have been featured on Today.com and Parents Magazine. They are currently used by Inova Employee Benefits Program, serving over 200 companies! To learn more on this service, check this out!

Night Nanny Houston is a great idea for a registry gift for expectant parents.

Rest Assured Infant Nursing

This Night Nanny in Houston offers a way for people to contribute to your registry in order to help pay for the costs of night nanny services! Maybe you don’t need all that baby clothes and you’re set on gear, but people still want to give to this new bundle of joy–this becomes an amazing option for those situations! This Night Nanny service in Houston has figured out that sleep is one of those things people don’t necessarily consider a luxury (definitely a necessity). Unfortunately, it’s also one of the things that is assumed you just will have to do without once baby arrives. However, you can hire well trained individuals who are willing and able to help you in this department. I’m pretty sure the person who contributes to my sleep fund is gonna be my bestie for life!

Goodnight Babies

This Night Nanny Service in Houston not only offers night nannies, but also essentially leans more into the parenting aspect. They not only are helping you with extra sets of hands, but guiding you and teaching you along the way. From the best way to burp your baby, to sleep training, to lactation support, first aid, and even potty training! Their goal is to help ease the transition into parenthood. As a parent of 4, I can attest to the fact that it takes help from a village!

MotherHood Center for Night Nanny Houston Services

Remember we blogged about the MotherHood Center when we talked about Prenatal Yoga? I wasn’t kidding when I said they offer it all! This Night Nanny service in Houston caters and personalizes care for whatever your families needs are. Whether you need help with nighttime feedings, diaper changes, or just an extra set of hands during those early morning hours, MotherHood Center is there to help.

Mom’s Best Friend, Night Nanny

This Night Nanny Service in Houston is SO MUCH MORE than that. This is an all around service provider who matches families with the services and people they need in their lives. So if you’re looking for a babysitter, night nanny, personal chef, Household manager, or housekeeper–they have you covered! They prescreen candidates and do the matching for you, so no more sketchy interviews or unsure personality matching for you to do. Hire them to do the dirty work and find your perfect match to make your life as easy as possible. This video does a great job at explaining what a night nanny service offers, so give it a quick watch if you’re curious about it!

Their screening Approach:

They have a multi level screening approach, which is sure to weed out the people who are unfit to be in your home. The first level of screening consists of background checks, application and in person interview. If they pass that, they then go to a candidate screening, including;

  • 2nd background check
  • CPR & First Aid check
  • DPS check
  • criminal checks in the last 7 years under all aliases
  • verification of the highest level of education completed
  • 5 panel drug screening on the candidate before they are allowed to enter your home

Pricing for night nanny services in Houston can vary, but roughly $25-40 an hour for one baby is the starting price point.  Of course, this depends on the circumstances and what exactly what you’re looking for, so reach out to these businesses if you’re interested. I hope this blog brought you some clarification! It is already so overwhelming as a new parent trying to figure it all out, let alone on limited hours of sleep.

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