What did I just find at Old Navy Pearland? Here are the top 10 items!

Family of 5 embraces littlest sister with a hug, during a spring family session by Old Navy Pearland, with Ally's Photography in Houston

Spring is springing! Old Navy Pearland has just what you need, whether you’re about to do family portraits, or you’re just looking to spruce up your closet.

There are a number of reasons I shop at Old Navy Pearland, but one of the ones that keeps me coming back is Super Cash…Holla if you’re with me! Feels like no matter what, you’ve won. Because you’re either spending Super Cash or earning it!

Old Navy Pearland is a huge hit amongst this family for their photos with Ally's Photography

Hot item basics from Old Navy Pearland

Some of my FAVE things to purchase through Old Navy Pearland are their tried and true basics. They are durable enough to be passed on from kid to kid or be used over multiple years. In my opinion, here are some must have basics;

  • mid rise tapered jeans
  • Everyday wear swing dress t shirt
  • 5″ inseam (my personal preference) denim shorts
  • Oversized boyfriend jean shirt
  • Neutral Slub shirt
  • waist defined cut out side maxi dress

Old Navy Pearland tapered leg denim ripped jeans

Old Navy Pearland Maxi cut out dress


Dress it up for a change with items from Old Navy Pearland

Let’s talk about LAYERS, baby. Accessorizing with layers gives dimension to your look. Whether it be a cardigan, jean jacket, hat, or jewelry, layers are what really brings that extra ooomph to your outfit. Here are some easy staples from Old Navy Pearland that you could use over and over and over.

  • wide brimmed hat
  • faux leather belt with gold trim
  • Faux leather rouched sandals
  • tortoise aviator sunglasses

wide brimmed womens hat from Old Navy Pearland


Old Navy pearland made these kids look their best and feel their best! Just for the kiddos

Old Navy Pearland is a hit in our house for the littles! I am able to get all of them set up for the upcoming season with a one stop shop without breaking the bank. I try to follow the same guide as I do for myself-start with the basics and then work your way to more stylized look, by adding accessories and layers.




Old Navy Pearland set of 2 denim shorts.


kids denim jacket from Old Navy Pearland

(Bonus tip-if ordering online, you can order from Gap.com and Athletica.com and save on shipping by combining your order)

If you’re liking some of these styles and imagining your family in some gorgeous field with this new beautiful wardrobe, I’m your girl! I love styling my clients for their sessions to bring the full effect into their family photos.

As a mom of 4, I’m always trying to save some moola. If you like to purchase items in advance for the next season, don’t forget to check the sales at Old Navy Pearland.


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