Why ZARA Houston? My faves for outfit inspo!

Family of 6 gets style inspiration from Zara Houston.

ZARA Houston offers a wide range of styles from classic and timeless pieces to on-trend and fashion forward designs. They also offer more affordable pieces compared to other high end fashion brands, making it accessible for people who want to be stylish on a budget. Also, let me just say this–when you order from ZARA Houston, you receive a tissue paper wrapped box and it feels so special. It’s not your ordinary Amazon plastic wrapped delivery.

zara houston is a great brick and mortar option for stylish items for your littles.

Just for Mama @ZARA Houston

Here are some of the versatile pieces we like–Take these pieces as basics and ADD TO THEM! Think things like hats, blazer, knotted headband or scarf for your hair.

I generally like to follow the rule of start out basic, then add to it. For instance, pick something easy that you know you love, and try to plan what you can pair with it. The dress example down below is great because you can add a blazer, hat, wedges/sandals/heels, sunglasses and you have totally different looks. Change out your purse for a fun alternative too. With the bodysuit, don’t just wear the bodysuit with jeans. Try to think about how you can make it look more polished? Add an overshirt on top of it, with high waisted mom jeans for the bottoms. Each layer you add, adds depth to your look. If you’re planning wardrobe for your family photo session soon, you want depth and texture!! It makes your images way more interesting!


  • Z1975 MOM FIT JEANS $46  Mom jeans? Yeah, but like the cute kind…
  • Halterneck bodysuit $28  (Size up if you don’t want it to be snug)
  • Dotted Mini Dress $50  (Flattering on any body type)

Zara Houston

For the Men @ ZARA Houston

  • Soft Denim Shorts $46
  • Basic T-Shirt $28 (comes in various colors)
  • Denim T shirt with pocket $40 (also various colors)

Zara Houston

Girls @ZARA Houston

  1. Denim overalls $40
  2. Textured jumpsuit $33
  3. Poplin Balloon Top $30  (I need this in my size, please)
  4. Plain Ruffled Top $10 (WINNER WINNER

Boys @ZARA Houston

  • Pleated Denim Pants $33 ( I love this color!)
  • Striped linen blend shirt $30
  • Denim distressed shorts $30
  • Various T shirts ranging from $15-$18


Zara Houston is becoming known for their sustainable practices. In recent years, they have taken steps towards becoming more sustainable such as using organic cotton and recycled materials in clothing production. YAY for that!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and got some valuable information. If you’re searching for more ways to style your family, head on over to my blog about shopping at Old Navy Pearland!

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