Once Upon A Child Houston, excellent choice for kids resale

Once Upon A Child houston is an excellent resale shop for kids. Baby yawns on bed.

Buy, Sell, Repeat at Once Upon A Child Houston

This is the motto of Once Upon A Child Houston, as they are one of the largest brick and mortar chain resale stores in Houston. They carefully will inspect the clothes brought into the store for resale, and reject what is “too loved”. This is good for buyers and good for sellers, because it brings in a certain level of security knowing the type of products you will see at Once Upon A Child Houston. What I truly love about this, is that I know I can purchase gently used (some stuff with tags on it still!), let my kids use it for a bit and then turn around and essentially sell it back to them in place of something else.

If you are selling your items to Once Upon A Child Houston, this is an amazing way to make some extra moola! They hand you cash on the spot, and you can either use it to shop, or whatever else you want to do!

Brand New Items For Purchase As Well @ Once Upon A Child Houston

They are really great at offering seasonal stock up items. Examples of this, are hats/mittens/coats when it gets cold, rodeo attire for February, and I have even noticed that my local Once Upon A Child in Pearland offers items for the themes of the school spirit days. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, a lot of elementary schools have themed days like Hawaiian Day, Rodeo Day, Funny Sock Day, etc. It’s when moms go into panic mode to try to find all the random things last minute so that their kids don’t feel left out! For that reason, I love being able to typically walk into Once Upon A Child Houston and easily be able to locate the garb that my kids need for school that week.

Baby wears onesie from Once Upon a Child Houston

Some of My Fave Finds

Some of my favorite items to look for are shoes at Once Upon A Time Houston! They always have the best selection of shoes, and they are organized by gender and size, so its super easy to run in and grab exactly what you need without feeling overwhelmed.

If you landed on this blog, I feel like it’s safe to say you might have kids. If that’s the case, I’d love to chat with you about your family and if you’re wanting to document those little ones before they grow up and change so fast! You’re in luck if so, because I am a Houston based family and motherhood photographer and would love to connect.

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