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Mallory Foreman inspired her mom to open up an ISR facility after her accidental drowning.

Emily Toungate is the owner of the newest indoor Pearland Swim Lessons facility.

Meet the owner of Pearland’s swim lessons hub;

Emily Toungate, owner of Coastal Swim Academy

I was lucky enough to be able to interview my favorite Pearland swim lesson & Infant Swim Resource instructor! Emily Toungate is the owner of the Pearland’s newest swim lessons facility! Here’s what she had to say about her business, Coastal Swim Academy. I asked Emily how she got into ISR (Infant Swim Rescue) and this is what she had to say; “I became aware of ISR unfortunately after my daughter, Mallory Foreman, passed away to an accidental drowning. I was completely unaware that self rescue swimming lessons existed. When we were blessed to have another child, I got her enrolled in lessons. After watching the first week of lessons with my daughter, I knew my heart was calling me to become an instructor so I could educate parents of water safety and teach children how to survive in an aquatic emergency.”

Educate us on ISR.

There are myths about babies being thrown into the water. Can you clear that up for our audience that’s looking for Pearland swim lessons?

“Thanks to social media, ISR has gotten some negative comments or rumors. Contrary to what you might view on social media, ISR does NOT throw any children or babies into the water. EVER! This has been a common thread of conversation among infant survival lessons. Just like any successful company, there are going to be other people that “copy cat” or try to mimic what ISR teacher. These programs are not ISR and do not have the same knowledge or “infant education that an ISR instructor has. If you witness a “infant survival” swim lesson that tosses children into the water, then I can assure you that the instructor is not ISR certified. Many people or swim schools claim to teach “infant survival” swimming lessons, but there is only one ISR, and ISR has been around for over 54 years!”

“Another common Myth is that we only teach babies and young children. this is false too., ISR is taught to children 6 months-6 years of age. We do teach children how to swim, using their arms and kicking their legs. Yes, we teach them their survival float, but everyone regardless of age needs to know how to roll over and float for safety. Most of the children that swim with an ISR instructor are between the ages of 2-5 years.”

“ISR instructor must go through 8 weeks of in water training, along with 8 weeks of academic education. After you receive your certification, each instructor must also go though continuing education every year to maintain their certification. There is no program like ISR. The instructors are top notch! My advice to anyone looking for ISR swim lessons, please do your research and make sure the instructor is ISR certified. You can find an instructor closest to you by visiting the website at”

How long have you been teaching?

“I have been teaching for ten years.”

What inspired you to move to the new Coastal Swim Academy Building?

“I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a minor in business. My plan was to open a gymnastics and cheer gym, since this was my passion. However, life happens and I was blessed to raise 5 beautiful children. After Mallory passed away, and I became an ISR instructor and my passion for opening my own place began again. I realized that I, alone, could not teach all the children in the area, so I began the process of opening my own indoor Pearland swim lessons school. It took 6 years to fulfill my dream, but it was worth it!”

What makes Coastal Swim Academy different from any other Pearland Swim Lessons facility?

“CSA is a family owned business that cares about our community and has a passion for water safety. Coastal Swim Academy is the first indoor Pearland swim lessons school that teaches both ISR (Infant Self Rescue) lessons, along with a traditional learn to swim program. My belief is that both programs teach water safety, fun int he water and that parents should have a choice in what program is the right fit for their family.”

“At CSA we have the newest, state of the art, filtration system to keep our water safe, crystal clear and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. we keep our water at a warm 90 degree temperature, so the children do not get cold. We also have a dehumidification system that helps maintain clean air quality. When you walk into our facility you will not smell chlorine like other swim schools. Our viewing room has lots of space and you can view lessons comfortably. We offer lessons beginning at 6 months old and believe an early foundation of water safety will decrease the chances of an accidental drowning.”

ISR (Infant Swim Rescue) versus Traditional Swim Lessons?

  • There is a difference in the approach an schedule with ISR versus traditional group lessons. First, I ask the parent what their goals are in enrolling in swim lessons? If a parent says to me that they want their child to learn how to swim and rollback to float as soon as possible, I will recommend ISR. ISR is a faster track to learning the skills necessary to swim-float-swim. ISR is one on one, everyday Monday-Friday for 10 minutes each day. it takes 6-7 weeks to learn the skills. However, not everyone can do ISR or wants to do ISR.

This is why we offer both programs under one roof!

  • Traditional lessons are not everyday like ISR. They are 30 minute group lessons, and parents can choose how many days they would like to come to lessons. We offer these lessons on Saturday as well. Our traditional, or learn to swim program is a continuous program as well. Your child will remains in lessons until you want to drop, and move up to the levels to our highest level 6. This process encourages year round swimming while improving swimming skills, stroke progressions and overall health benefits.
  • Group classes or traditional swim lessons are geared towards fun, socialization with others peers and learning more swim skills. Both programs teach safety in the water. They both teach kids how to swim with their face in the water, and to roll over to float for safety and air. The path of how to get there and the time factor are the main differences.

What do you envision for CSA in 10 years?

“I envision CSA to be a thriving business with a large community reach, educating our public of the benefits of early water safety and swimming lessons in Pearland. We would like to be recognized by our community as a company that truly cares about the children and families. I want children that have learned how to swim at CSA to now be employees, making a difference in the lives of more children. Coastal enjoys being a family run business, and I still want to maintain this aspect in the future. I might even want to see another location somewhere in the Houston area. You never know! Dream big!”

Tell me about your family and what you do for fun.

“Honestly, we just enjoy being around each other doing various activities. We always got o 1 or 2 home football games at Texas A&M University. We enjoy tailgating and meeting friends.

Coastal Swim Academy is the number one choice for Pearland swim lessons & ISR (Infant Swim Rescue).

If you’re wondering how I know that the work Emily is doing is something amazing, it’s because she has taught all 4 of my kids how to self rescue, through ISR. If you’re thinking that showing up somewhere for 10 minutes a day, everyday for 6 weeks sounds impossible, I promise you, it isn’t. I thought the same thing in the beginning-but it becomes a part of your daily routine. It is so fulfilling to see your child truly learn to respect water and still enjoy being in it, safely. If you’re on the fence about ISR or Pearland swim lessons, reach out to me and I’m happy to share my personal experience when one of my children ended up in a pool without us realizing. It could have had a detrimental ending, but thankfully it did not-only because of ISR.

Emily Toungate and Allyson Blankenburg

Images taken at Coastal Swim Academy’s Grand Opening, by myself, Allyson Blankenburg-owner of Ally’s Photography. I am primarily a family photographer in Houston/Pearland and taking these images was an honor because I truly believe in the work Emily is doing for all of the kids who need Pearland swim lessons.

Here is how to get in contact with the location:

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