8 Houston Waterpark adventures you need to know about!

two sisters looking at each other while playing in the water.

Traditional Houston Waterparks (with huge slides)

Pirates Bay Houston Waterpark (awesome night time events)

This Houston Waterpark offers a lot of special events in addition to their typical waterpark slides. Checking their calendar is a winning idea, because they may be offering an event that will peak your interest, such as Itty Bitty Beach Party, Pirate Party Nights, or a Movie Night at the wave pool. So, don’t skip on double checking their calendar for the day you plan go to!

Big Rivers Houston Waterpark in Montgomery (short lines and tons of extra activities)

Big Rivers is a very new Houston waterpark, located in New Caney. They are expanding onto their existing park, and it will be double in size! As of now, they have a ton to offer-the waterpark area includes 11 attractions; some of which are lazy river, Comal Crash, River racer, Frio Falls, and Storm Surge to name a few!

But wait–THERE’S MORE! Big Rivers Houston Waterpark has so much to do if you’re not feeling the waterslides;

  • Dry Adventures-Archery, Axe throwing, rock mining (additional charge), mazes, fishing, petting zoo, gator experiences (additional charge). SO many adventures that you won’t even get drenched for. These are perfect for those extra breezy days before waterslides feel refreshing!
  • Aerial Adventures-This consists of all things in the air, as you may have guessed. Obstacle net course, Free fall down 7 stories, rock wall climbing, and a climb and crawl course.
  • Big Rivers Fairgrounds-a mini carnival playground! So much fun and about 7 rollercoaster rides for kids and adults.
  • Wild Isle- Floating obstacle ninja course! Could 4 words put together be more intriguing? I think not! You are in for some heart pumping activities with this challenge. Definitely a fun activity to do here.

Hurricane Harbor Splashtown (Six Flags) Houston Waterpark

Was voted 2023’s best Waterpark! Can’t quite justify showing up and paying a large chunk of money on a waterpark season pass? No worries-Hurricane Harbor Houston Waterpark offers monthly payment options. Yep, you heard that. For $7.99 a month, you can be VIP of this waterpark and live your best life. I love that their website divides up the rides by category, such as thrill rides, kid rides, family rides, etc. That makes it easy when you plan your day there. Download the map before time and use that to your best advantage to maximize your day!

Schlitterbahn Galveston Houston Waterpark

This park is CASHLESS- yay! Leave your wallet behind and be prepared to pay for anything you need with a debit card, credit card, apple pay…you get the idea.

This Houston Waterpark has 29 attractions in the park! There is not a lack of adventure to be had here in Galveston. If you’re planning on making a weekend of it (my personal suggestion) then go ahead and do the park for one day, and spend one day at the beach, and another at Moody Gardens or Pleasure Pier. There is a ton to do on the island, and “Mom, I’m bored” will not be uttered once. Scouts honor.

Mexico trip for sisters who love to go to Houston Waterparks.

Smaller Houston Waterparks (little kid friendly & more parent relaxing)

Woodlands Resort

I took a girls weekend trip here last year and it was the ultimate relaxing weekend! We slept in late, had a gourmet breakfast, and sipped cocktails by the pool. We were able to avoid the kids section and still relax while families with littles were able to still enjoy themselves as well. They have multiple slides, a beautiful lazy river surrounded by gorgeous foliage, and cocktails made for sipping. Don’t sleep on this place–I mean, do sleep in, but don’t skip this weekend getaway!

Noah’s Ark

The smaller pool (Noah’s Ark) was voted Best Pool in Houston by Great Day Houston. My toddlers LOVE coming here, and for $10 a person, it’s a steal. They would spend the entire morning going up and down the slides until they got hungry, and were ready for a nap. It’s shallow, provides a great place for splashing and sliding, and there are always lifeguards on duty. This is perfect for preschool aged children. There is also a big pool, and I mean BIG. It has a floating alligator that fits a bunch of climbing kiddos, and a bigger slide for older kids (probably ages 5-adult) and a diving board!

Palm Beach (Moody Gardens)

What I think is really cool about Palm Beach, is that you really get the feel of the sand between your toes like a normal beach, except it’s beautiful white sand, not quite like Galveston 😉 and when you’re tired of building sand castles and sun bathing, adventure awaits. You can ride the slides or do the lazy river, or even buy a pass for Moody Gardens and check out all of their attractions! So many adventures to be had here.

Great Wolf Lodge (Webster)

Estimated to open in mid-late 2024, this place is gonna be where it’s at. Most of us have been driving to Grapevine to visit Great Wolf Lodge. There is a reason it’s worth the drive though-the entire stay is geared entirely for kids. Between the water park slides, arcade area, and fun characters that do plays and sing alongs in pjs at night (everyone is encouraged to wear their jammies) there isn’t time to be bored here. They often have craft time as well for the kids who need a little downtime with less stimulation-or the parents who need a coffee break! IYKYK

Little girl in a wave pool at Houston Waterpark. 

If you’re looking at the top 8 Houston Waterpark adventures, you likely have a family of your own. If you’re looking to document these special years of your kiddos and need a family photographer, feel free to contact me! I am a portrait photographer in based Houston, Texas with 4 kids of my own, so wrangling chaos is my specialty.

Also, head on over to other blog posts I’ve written recently if you’re looking for advice on outfit planning for your session!

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