Pottery Barn Kids Houston, my go to store for stylish decor and items for kids

Pottery Barn Kids was the perfect place for this little boys nursery decor.

Pottery Barn Kids Houston

Most of us know about this store, but if you don’t, here’s the deal. This is where you go for top notch, quality items that are going to last the test of time for quality and style. Pottery Barn Kids Houston is an excellent resource for back to school as well! We are big fans of their backpacks, lunch kits, kids chairs, bed frames, bedding, and just all around decor items.

One of the adaptations that I am so proud of them for, is making backpacks and items for kids with disabilities. They have an entire line dedicated to adaptive options, called the Mackenzie Adaptive Collection.

For young adults going to college, they have some fantastic items your kids need! They have an entire page dedicated to dorm rooms, so give that a look see!

Pottery Barn Kids Houston

Pottery Barn Kids Sister Stores

Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teens, Pottery Barn Kids Houston & Williams Sonoma, West Elm, Rejuvenation, Mark & Graham, & GreenRow are all a part of the same umbrella company. They all boast quality items that are stylish, but timeless and of lasting quality.

Pottery Barn Kids Houston is a favorite of this little boys family.

Pottery Barn Home Tours

One of the coolest parts of Pottery Barn Houston’s website is that they have a section called Home Tours. They will do a project spotlight on a celebrity and their home, showing you all the ways you can style Pottery Barn items in various settings. I love this because sometimes it’s hard to think outside fo the box and see certain items in YOUR home, even if you like that style in someone else’s. 

If you’re interested in home decor but feel overwhelmed and lost, I HIGHLY suggest taking advantage of these in store design classes and their free design services. They have professionals who know their products, take your specific situation, and come up with a design that you can implement. That’s some customer service right there!

Pottery Barn Kids Houston Outlet

Did someone say Outlet? Pottery Barn Kids Houston Outlet is huge and has a ton of great items! Their selection is really decent as well, and you’re sure to be able to find what you need. Some of their stuff is damaged and marked down for that reason but other items are in pristine new condition. The outlet store is located in Webster, Texas.

I hope this blog was helpful if you haven’t been to or heard of Pottery Barn Kids Houston. For sure check them out, because they have a ton of items worth investing in.

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