Tired of that pile of laundry? 4 amazing laundry services in Houston!

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Poplin Houston Laundry Service

These yahoos (kidding!) say laundry is their love language..I know it’s not mine, so that’s why I say yahoos-BUT to each his own, and that’s how the world goes ’round! So, if your love language isn’t laundry, which I imagine is the case since you somehow landed on this page, they may be the perfect fit! Poplins pricing is super straight forward and very reasonable. They offer free pickup and free delivery and charge $1 per pound of laundry. According to this laundry service in Houston, one hamper of laundry is approximately 10 pounds, so 10 bucks! Good to note as well, your laundry is only washed with your laundry. They have a tagging system to ensure your stuff stays together. Sign me up!

The Folde (App supported)

This Houston Laundry Service prides themselves on not outsourcing to any other local Laundromat. They are located in Houston and Austin and are expanding their reach within those areas, quickly. Here is a map of the Houston area they currently service.

Houston area service map for Laundry Services by the Folde.

Their pricing differs from Poplin in that you can stuff the bag as full as you want, and it’s one price no matter what. There is no weighing of any laundry or any sticker shock after the service was used. Also important to note, if you have dry cleaning only, you can still send your goodies with them! They will handle the dry cleaning too, so no need to outsource two different companies. Win win.

Meet the bags:

They do charge flat rate for pickup/delivery, but it’s a mere $6. That personally would not deter me from using their services. The biggest reason for that is because–LISTEN TO THIS–after these laundry fairies have washed, dried, folded your dirties, they bag it all separately so it’s sorted by how you’re planning to put it away! Yes, that’s right. Shirts with shirts, pants with pants, kid clothes with kid clothes. If that isn’t easy peasy, nothing is!

Houston Laundry services sorts all of your items into like groups!

Happy Nest (App supported)

This Houston Laundry Service is really cool in that you can specify any special requests through the app. Fabric softener, temperature, spin cycle–let them know in the app. If you have a stained garment that needs special attention, load it up in one of their “special attention bags” and it will be taken care of. Happy Nest charges about $1.70-$1.90 per pound of laundry, depending on your location. They boast no subscriptions or contracts, so if you’re not happy or you’re in the laundry doing mood (is that a thing?), no worries! Just don’t request a pickup that week.

One suggestion from this Houston laundry service that makes so much sense is they say to start out small. Start with just shirts maybe, then add shorts, and so on. See how you like the service, and how it fits with your budget. If you like it and want to add more so you can eliminate some tasks on your to-do list, then do that!

24 Hour Laundry (Houston Laundry Services)

At first glance, their website makes you think this is just a fancy washateria. But, it isn’t! Now, they do offer that service, but they also offer personalized done for you laundry services in Houston. Prices starting at $1.39 a pound, you can’t afford to be doing your laundry yourself. The best part about this location, is your clothes are returned to you within 24 hours!

I hope you have found some valuable information about Houston Laundry Services in this blog post and if you are interested in some more really valuable reading, head on over to check some of these out! I am a Houston photographer and love families! My speciality is weddings, newborns, maternity and families, so let’s chat if you’re interested in getting photos taken!

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