Pearland Pediatrics is the biggest pediatrician clinic in Pearland-Find out why!

Pearland Pediatrics is a great option for newborns, toddlers, and children.

Who makes up Pearland Pediatrics?

Dr. Gant is the founding Dr. who created Pearland Pediatrics in 1992. She has provided over 30 years of service to this community, tending to Pearland families most pressing pediatric medical needs. Although she is retiring in July 2024, she leaves behind many skilled doctors, who have been with her at this practice for decades. Pearland Pediatrics is home to 8 MD’s, 5 Family Nurse Practitioners, and one Physician Assistant. That’s a lot of caretakers at one facility! What does that mean for you? That means that there will always be someone there who can help you and get your child back on the road to recovery.

What makes Pearland Pediatrics the best choice for people looking for a new pediatrician?

Pearland Pediatrics offers many services that make them stand out. One of those services that my friends are all fans of, is that they have an x-ray machine! So, for those trampoline breaks/sprains and the occasional fall, this pediatrician office has you covered. You don’t need to deal with the stress of visiting the emergency room for an x-ray. This takes a lot of the waiting time and anxiety away from little ones who are already uncomfortable and hurting.

What is something that makes your clinic unique compared to other pediatrician clinics?

  • Pearland Pediatrics offers scholarship applications for High School Seniors, hoping to gain experience in the medical field of pediatrics. This program was created by Dr. Gant, in hopes of being able to expose learning medical students to real life situations in pediatric medical care.
  • This clinic offers ear piercing in a clean, familiar environment for those who wish to add some sparkle to their little ones ear lobes! Take the fear out of going to an unknown place, and visit your trusted pediatrician for this service.
  • For chronic conditions, children should see their normal pediatrician. However, kids get sick, that’s inevitable! So, Pearland Pediatrics offers a same day sick visit walk in clinic. Here, patients will be seen promptly by one of their staff to get your child back on the road to being healthy and happy.
  • This one is for the pregnant or nursing mamas!! If you have read my blog about BABE, you know that they are the most well recommended lactation consultants in town.  Lucky for you, BABE is located inside Pearland Pediatrics facility. I have personally been here a few times for their lactation services and cannot recommend it enough!

Pearland Pediatrics is one of the largest pediatrician clinics in Pearland, home to many little ones best medical care teams.

Parenting Resource Information

As you can see, there are many reasons Pearland Pediatrics is the top choice of numerous parents in Houston for pediatricians.  My blog has lots of really valuable information pertaining to all things motherhood and as a mom of 4, I can tell you what I think is the best of the best and what to avoid. Look here for yourself!

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