5 Houston Toy Stores you HAVE to see to believe!

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FUNdamentally Houston Toy Store

Located in Rice Village, this kids toy store is full of amazing items! They have curated their collection of toys to be inclusive of all kids, encouraging interaction not spectator play, and toys that keep a child’s interest, not just peak their interest. Who needs more toys in your house that they play with for 10 minutes and then don’t pick up again? The answer is no one. You and your little ones could spend all day here, just admiring all the neat things they have. Also, one of the really cool features that sets it apart, is that they offer FREE gift wrapping for any purchase! What?! Yep, so when you’re shopping for Christmas or a birthday party, that’s a great time to take advantage of this special service. Cutting your time down and making the most of your trip! Their wrapping papers are adorable, to boot. OMG.

They offer a variety of different toys, for all ages. Their website also breaks it down into categories and that’s helpful as well. And are you worried you can’t get your gift wrapped if you order online? Don’t stress–you CAN!


little boy roping an airplane in a field for Houston family photographer, ally's photographySuper Happy Incredible Toys

Their slogan on their site is “Full of (insert adjective here) Toys!” and it’s safe to say, it’s accurate. They have an enormous selection of toys for any little boy (or girl) that is interested in typical little boy playing; Wolverines, model cars and robots, race cars, action figures, etc. The building itself is incredibly cute and idyllic. It is in a precious little blue house located in Spring. When you drive up, you are not going to think you’re at a toy store–until you see all the superhero stuff on the porch! Ok, now you know you’re in for some fun, right?

*Worth noting, that they are closed on Mondays

LEGO Store Houston Toy Store

Located inside of the Galleria, be prepared to get lost in Legoland! This place is legit. It’s filled with colorful building blocks and all sorts of connectors for any set you can imagine. Want to build Noah’s Ark? Do it. Want to build a space ship and aliens? Done. Want to build a land of green forest with houses on the mountainside that little armies live in? Done. Your imagination cannot be limited here. Visit them before Easter, and you’ll get a special Lego Easter surprise with every purchase!

Little boy "roping the plane" with his Houston Toy Store finds.

Toys and Candy on the Park (Kingwood)

This place is like taking a step back in time to a retro candy & toy shop. They have every kind of treat imaginable, so be prepared to get all hopped up on sugar! I know some people go there for the old candies they liked as a kid, but aren’t really sold in a lot of places anymore (To me, this brings back memories of those candy stick cigarettes!) You are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth here. And as far as toys goes, there is no limit to what you can find here. Let your imagination run wild and if you’re struggling on what to get, there are toy experts there who can assist in helping you figure out just what you’re wanting to bring home.

The backstory to this Houston Toy Store is a very special one, and one that the owners would be happy to share. Their son, was killed in a drunk driving incident over 2 decades ago. That’s when they decided that they did not want to continue their corporate jobs. So, they opened up an atmosphere and experience toy store. One that they don’t just sell candy and toys at. Definitely check it out!

Lakeshore Learning

A lot of homeschool teachers, teachers, and educators of all kinds already go here for supplies. However, I promise you that you haven’t really ever looked at the kids toys section as much as you should. Chances are, you’re missing out! Lakeshore Houston Toy Store has so much variety of toys that you really haven’t seen before. It’s often original ideas, high quality items that will last for years, and toys that encourage creative brain play versus just something to capture their attention for a hot 92 seconds. One of my kids favorite sections of Lakeshore, is the sensory play area. They know they will find some really amazing toys there! This is one of my favorite sensory toys from Lakeshore!

Houston Toy Stores have all the things for little boys and girls, even ones who love playing in the dirt!

If you are reading this Houston Toy Store blog, chances are that you either HAVE kids, or KNOW kids. Don’t forget to document all their sweet little features before they are all grown up! As a Houston family photographer, and a mom of 4, I really do understand how fast time flies. Capture those fleeting moments while you can.

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