8 things to do in Houston with toddlers to zap that summer boredom!

  Fruit Picking is a great thing to do in Houston with Toddlers

This is always a fun activity for toddlers! It is really cool for them to be able to pick fruit from a plant and eat that! We like to go home and wash it and make some sort of dessert or snack with it too. Here’s a list of some local fruit picking establishments;

  • Frobergs Farm (Alvin)
  • Atkinson Farms (Spring)
  • Mooreheads Blueberry Farm (Conroe)
  • Berryland Farms of Texas (Winnie)

Library Toddler Time

ALL libraries in Houston have things to do with toddlers. They offer Toddler Time for starters. It’s where a librarian will read the toddlers a story and then do an activity with them. It usually involves some sort of craft or dance, which is a great way to get the wiggles out and the creative juices flowing! Check out your local library for their schedules!

5K run in the stroller is a great thing to do in Houston with toddlers

This is an amazing way for you to get to see the city, get some exercise in, and let the little ones get a scenic view! My toddlers love the stroller and so they truly look forward to long walks. Here is a place to get you started on where all the Houston runners are!

Children’s Museum

One of my absolute favorite things to do in Houston with toddlers! This place has it all. If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. Upstairs, they have a baby friendly area to play with soft blocks and small slides. This is for kids up to 3 years of age, so it’s safe to not get trampled! For the older ones, there are endless amounts of things to do! Kidtropoliz is amazing and my kids will spend hours in the grocery store and vet office!

City Centre Play area

Looking for free and fun things to do in Houston with toddlers? Here it is! This area has loads of events for kids, including concerts, parachute games, and activities. Definitely check them out!

Levy Park has things to do in Houston with toddlers

Levy Park is one of my favorite spaces for my toddlers because of their toddler friendly playground. There is a giant hill they can climb, and even a little playground piano that mine have always enjoyed bouncing on to make some music. There are often food trucks as well, so mom can grab a snack and a seat while the little ones get some of their energy out! Also, Levy Park is full of shade, so you’re not going to become so hot after 10 minutes there–SO nice! We love this thing to do in Houston with Toddlers!

Alvin African Safari

My toddlers (and kids alike) have always loved this place. We have been to many field trips here as well. You get to ride the tram through the land to see the animals up close and personal as well! Bring some extra money to buy buckets of food, because that’s where the real fun is-holding onto your bucket for dear life while the animals dig their noses in to get a treat. There is a petting zoo after the tram ride, and you can even pack a picnic lunch. But watch your back, the little roaming deer will surely love your snacks as well! This may not be directly in Houston, but it’s still a fun thing to do with toddlers!

Butterfly Museum

The Museum of Natural Science not only has lots of stuff for kids and adults alike, but the Butterfly Museum is really a hit for ALL ages. Toddlers love this activity, especially when they get a butterfly to land on them. Hint…wear brightly colored clothes if you want them to be attracted to you!

Toddler boy sitting in white rocker chair with jeans and suspenders at a park in Pearland with Houston Family Photographer.

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I hope these 8 activities give you some ideas of things to do in Houston with toddlers, because it can be challenging to find activities for that age range! If you found this blog helpful, check out some of my other parenthood blogs that I believe you’ll be interested in as well!

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